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Homebank data is transcribed in CHAT format as described in the CHAT manual. Transcribed data have been cleared for public access. The extensive collection of audio data has been diarized but not transcribed. Those data are password protected and open only to HomeBank members. For information on how to apply for HomeBank membership, see this link. The use of public HomeBank data is governed by the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License. The use of private HomeBank data is governed by the HomeBank Data Use Agreement for Unvetted Recordings. Please remember to read the documentation that accompanies each corpus and follow the guidelines for data-sharing.

This page provides an index to HomeBank data.

You can also browse the entire HomeBank database online from this link.

Corpus Participants Recordings Description Access Contributor
Bergelson Seedlings 44 43 Study of exposure to object words members Elika Bergelson
Casillas -- -- Tzeltal families members Marisa Cassilas
Cougar 58 HI, 34 NH 535 HI, 289 NH English members Mark VanDam
Lyon 16 49 French members Marie-Thérèse LeNormand
McDivitt 7 25 Children born to adolescent and adult mothers secure Karmen McDivitt
VanDam Public 53 159 5-minute transcribed segments from daylong recordings public Mark VanDam
Warlaumont 15 40 Longitudinal study of children learning English and Spanish members Anne Warlaumont
Winnipeg 2 8 Comparison across different child care settings members Melanie Soderstrom