HomeBank Accessing Data

Homebank data is transcribed in CHAT format. Transcribed data have been cleared for public access. The extensive collection of audio data has been diarized but not transcribed. Those data are password protected and open only to HomeBank members. For information on how to apply for HomeBank membership, see this link. Please remember to follow the guidelines for data-sharing.

Accessing HomeBank Data

Working with transcripts and media locally

  1. Download and install the CLAN program.
  2. From the corpus list, download the transcripts and unzip them.
  3. From the same place, download the media files and place them into the transcript folders.
  4. To open a transcript, you double-click on it and it will open in CLAN. If there is associated media, you can play the media using escape-8 for continuous playback or command-click for playing single utterances.

Downloading Media

If you find it tedious to download media files one by one, you can use wget. For example, to retrieve all the *.mp3 audio in the McDivitt folder, you can run this one-line wget command:

$ wget -c --user=gordon --ask-password -e robots=off -r -l inf --no-remove-listing -nH --no-parent -R 'index.html*' -A '*.mp3' http://homebank.talkbank.org/media/Password/McDivitt/

Then you enter your password, and the files download into a folder called "media" into the calling directory. The fiiles within that folder will also maintain the original hierarchical structure.

Installing wget

Installation of wget depends on your system: