HomeBank Contributing Data

HomeBank provides a way for researchers to share their daylong (or otherwise large) audio recordings of children's natural environments. This includes recordings made using the LENA system as well as recordings made using other recording methods.

If you are interested in contributing data to HomeBank, it is important to plan in advance how you will configure your informed consent form to permit inclusion in HomeBank. You can make use of this consent form (or similar) as explained here. In the consent form, participants will have the opportunity to indicate whether their recordings are shared only in the password-protected database or whether they may be shared publicly (after data have been vetted to remove particularly sensitive material). You can also place other restrictions on data usage as needed.

Contribution Process

  1. First, you should join as a HomeBank member. This process is described here.
  2. For LENA data, please organize your *.its and *.wav files into child-specific folders each named with a 4-item alphanumeric code for the given child, such as WB12, 0912, or 425X. Three-item codes are okay too.
  3. Transfer these materials to us using https://talkbank.wetransfer.com, by zipping each folder for a single child (both *.its and *.wav) into a single .zip file. Please do not use Dropbox or Google Drive for transfer.
  4. Print out this contribution form, complete it, scan it, and email it to ljarold@andrew.cmu.edu.

Thank you again for your interest in contributing to HomeBank! Please don't hesitate to contact us at 4homebank@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Additional Steps

  1. Once it is place, we will be setting up a webpage such as this one. For this page we need information about corpus as a whole, how you would like it to be cited, possible usage restrictions, and information about your participants. We also need contact information and photos from all contributors.
  2. We will also work with you to record, file-specific information in a Google Drive metadata template document for your corpus. You will receive an email from Google inviting you to edit it once it is ready. You or another member of your team can enter the information into your spreadsheet and send email to us at 4homebank@gmail.com to tell us when it is complete.
  3. If you did any special work on the *.cha files, such as coding or marking for scrubbing, please indicate that processing in an @Comment field in the header list. For this, you may wish to develop project-specific codes to keep track of this type of work.
  4. If you did special post-processing (scrubbing) on the *.wav files, please indicate this by adding the letter "s" as in 0173_010824s.wav.